April 13, 2018 Chris Jolma

Suitcase Shuffle: How to Pack Up a Bachelor Pad

Whether you’ve outgrown your old single-man apartment, are getting married, or have secured your first VA loan on a new house, packing up your old bachelor pad can seem like the last thing you want to focus on. Packing up and relocating to a new home is a tedious process. It requires you to plan and organize in order to make it an efficient move. As you work to transport all your personal belongings in your bachelor pad, you’ll need to use the right materials and stay organized. If you want to know how to pack up your things right the first time, here are a few essential steps to take.

Color Code Each Room

Make it a point to color code each room of the home with corresponding labels to ensure everything is easier to unpack. For example, use the color red for the living room or green for the bathroom. Use masking tape and pens to label each box. You’ll have an easier time knowing which room each box should be placed in, which can make it easier to find what you need when you’re unloading.


Hire Professional Movers

Rent a moving van and hire a few service professionals to assist you with transporting everything to your new property. This way you can work at a faster pace. Having an extra set or hands can cut the time in half for how long it takes to load each moving box into the rental truck.


Purge the Home

Avoid packing items you no longer use to reduce how much you have to transport and save more on your moving supplies. Purge your bachelor pad and discard anything that hasn’t been used in the last year. For returning veterans, much of your military gear can be returned or reused at local bases. You’ll also want to toss any furniture items or decor that won’t allow your new house to feel like a home. Sell larger items that have more value to obtain funds to put towards your move.


Create a Timeline

According to ahomefordesign.com, creating a timeline on when each step needs to be completed will allow you to start packing early and avoid waiting until the last minute. You can hire the movers six weeks in advance and purchase the moving supplies at the same time. In the week leading up to the move, you can begin packing items that are used daily. You’ll also want to start eating as much of the food in your fridge or pantry as possible to prevent it from spoiling.


Packing up a bachelor pad doesn’t have to be time-consuming or exhaustive. With the right steps taken, you can feel at ease and enjoy a smooth transition.







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