November 12, 2014 KME Digital

The easiest way to get out of helping your friend move…

Gift Certificate

“I’m moving!” your friend tells you. She’s excited. She’s going on and on about the new, better place, the amenities, the location, the shorter commute from work. You’re happy for her. You really are.

But you’re also waiting for it. Waiting…

“So,” she says, “Can you help me move?”

There it is.

Until now, that was the ultimate test of a relationship. You either graciously consented to help your friend, or you shrugged apologetically and told her you were going to be slammed that day. (And maybe it’s true, but recategorizing your iTunes library doesn’t technically, you know, “count.”

But now you can have the best of both worlds. You can help your friend AND avoid the back-breaking, time-sucking slog that the moving process can be — now you can get your friend a My Truck Buddy gift certificate through!

You’ll be a hero and a efficient user of time.

You can help out your friend with certificates in the amounts of $50 to $250. (Word to the wise — if they just need help with a delivery or something very small, just opt for the smaller certificates.) Leave it to the professionals at My Truck Buddy. While you’re on Yelp, check out our hundreds of 5-star reviews (As of this writing, about 90 percent of those are 5-star reviews.) Check out the 300+ other reviews that Yelp has archived. In other words, you can feel good about your decision to get a gift certificate from us for your friend.

(And you know what? These are great holiday stocking stuffers, too! It doesn’t matter if your buddy is moving this month, the next, next summer or even in 2016 — they’re good until redeemed forever.

You’re welcome. 😉

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