May 17, 2017 KME Digital

Two Bedroom Apartment Moves

Two bedroom apartments can vary quite a bit. We’ve been keeping detailed statistics for quite a while now, and we’ve seen that some two bedroom apartments can be done in about two hours with a couple of guys and one of our trucks, and sometimes they’re best accomplished with three men and a 26-footer.

Either way, we’ve gotten pretty good at identifying certain things that tell us the best configuration of men and equipment to get the job done in the fastest amount of time. So, while the numbers below are “typical,” as in they reflect the median, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate after processing your Estimate Request Form and/or visiting your home, and/or asking a few questions.

Typical time involved: 3-5 hours

Crew: 3-5 men

Truck: 26′ truck

How we charge: Base Rate (covers first two hours) + Labor Rate. 

Rates: Variable 

Check out our FAQ page for more information about rates, specifically, “How (and for what) do you charge?”


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