August 20, 2018 KME Digital

Use These Brilliant Tricks to Save Money on Your Bills This Summer

Summer may be an enjoyable time of year for many people, but it also can be rather expensive. While you may travel more over the summer or have to find ways to keep the kids entertained when they are out of school, you also must pay higher utility expenses. Fortunately, there are several easy steps that you can take to keep your utility expenses in check throughout the summer.

Use Less Electricity

Most cooling systems run on electricity, and this means that regular usage of your AC system is driving up your electricity bill. Saving on energy bills requires you to use your AC system less frequently or heavily, but you understandably do not want to live in a home that is unbearably warm. One idea is to adjust the thermostat upward by one degree. You may not notice the difference, and you can save money throughout the summer. You can also close the blinds, reseal doors and windows and turn on the ceiling fans to further reduce your reliance on the AC system for indoor comfort.

Scale Back on Water Consumption

One of the primary reasons why your water bill may skyrocket in the summer is because of lawn care. The intense summer heat may result in your vegetation requiring more water for health. Consider connecting your gutters to a rain collection feature so that you can draw on rainwater as needed. You can also update your landscaping to native vegetation, which may more easily survive in the existing climate without the need for frequent watering.

Reduce Natural Gas Use

Many homes only use electricity as a source of energy, but some homes also use gas. Gas is often used for heating the home in the winter months, but your home may also use it for hot water, cooking appliances and even heating the hot tub in the backyard. Consider using only warm or cool water to wash clothes. Service your washer and dryer to ensure that they run efficiently. Use the oven and stovetop infrequently and only with efficiency in mind. In addition, lower the setting on your hot tub throughout the summer months.

Utility expenses may be much higher in the summer months than they are throughout the rest of the year, and you can see that there are many contributors to this annual expense. Each of these factors may seem only a fraction of your monthly budget, but they can combine together to cost you a small fortune over the entire season. Follow each of these tips as they are applicable to your lifestyle in order to reduce energy and water consumption and to save money all summer.


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