Back in the very early days of MTB, a guy named Jimmy Foster and I were texting back and forth about that day’s current crisis. “I don’t know what’s so hard about this job,” he said, “You show up on time, work hard and fast, be friendly and careful. It’s that simple.”

It was as if the angels in Heaven spoke from on-high, accompanied by trumpets and fireworks. MTB’s First Principles had just been uttered.

I stood there, phone in my hand, realizing I had just heard the animating principles of our company for as long as it would be around…

Show up on time

This business is notorious for unreliable service providers. That’s a big reason why we live and die by the schedule. You deserve to know that your movers will show up on time.

And if circumstances out of our control delay us, we’ll let you know what’s going on. Our customers never have to ask, “Where are our movers?”

Work hard and fast

We’re here to do a job and do it right. The work is tough and doesn’t yield to slackers. While our rates are fair and competitive, we believe customers deserve the absolute best for what they’re paying. Movers have, shall we say, a certain reputation. We strive to overcome it on each and every job.

Be friendly and careful

We look for guys who not only can handle the physical aspects of the job, but have awesome “people skills.” (It’s no cliche — it’s essential in this line of work.) We don’t expect everyone to become best friends, but it’s common for our customers to invite crews to house-warming parties and write glowing reviews mentioning them by name.

Trust is everything in the moving industry, which is why people come back to us two, three, four or more times — often up until they move out of the area.

Keep it simple

In Jimmy’s original text, he wrote “It’s that simple.” The preceding principles really are simple, meaning they don’t require much thought. But in the evolution of the business, as logistics and details became more voluminous, we came to realize the value of “keeping it simple.” That’s why we don’t micro-charge for every little thing, or burden people with a complicated “if/then” tree of demands or requirements. We want the relationship — which this most definitely is — to be something like it would be with your own real-life buddies: simple.

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