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5-Star Yelp Review | Amir F. | 8.25.15

moving-awards_yelpMy experience with My Truck Buddy was so good I had to create a Yelp account to capture it.

I had the wonderful pleasure of getting Furious and Eddie as my moving team. Extremely punctual, they called me when they had finished a move early to see if they could come earlier (unfortunately I wasn’t able to), however, they showed up 3 minutes *before* our scheduled appointment. Yes, I said before, anyone who has moved a lot knows what a rarity this is. These guys provided 5 star service from the moment we started. I would like to stress that this move was not without its many complications and they had nothing but smiles and great attitudes throughout!

My current building (aka the masters of the nickel and dime) gave me a two hour window to use the moving elevator which they told me they would “hold me hostage to.” Worry not, once I have my security deposit back, you will get an honest review of that place 🙂 Anyhow, my Ikea queen sized bed frame, is a herculean Swedish beast that in true Ikea fashion came in 90 different parts that don’t organically fit one another.

Furious and Eddie showed so much understanding, compassion, and support in taking this thing apart and helping me reassemble it at the new place. I informed them of the dictatorial building policies and they were beyond accommodating. Words can’t emphasize what a great experience I had with My Truck Buddy. Thank you again, especially to the awesome duo that is Furious and Eddie!!

I hope you all can be as lucky as I was and get a great team, however, as the reviews show,  My Truck Buddy is pure 5 stars. I will definitely be a repeat customer for my next move and recommend them any chance I get!

– Amir F. | 8.25.15

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