January 24, 2014 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 1.24.14

moving-awards_yelpOn the day of my move, the movers I had contracted with cancelled on me last minute with no notice. I called MTB and they immediately told me they thought they could help me and asked for some information. Within an hour of submitting the online form they called and asked if they could send a crew in about an hour!

I had a very simple move (just furniture from one apartment to another in the same building) and it took them less than an hour. The guys were nice and professional and did everything quickly and efficiently.

Truth be told, they could have gouged me on the price – I would have paid anything. But they didn’t and actually ended up being less expensive than the other company I had been considering. Their per hour rate looks higher, but they only have a 1 hour minimum whereas many other companies have a 2 hour minimum. So if your move is going to be quick, they end up being less expensive.

They really came through for me in a tough situation and I’ll definitely use them again.

– Anonymous | 1.24.14

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