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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 12.20.10

moving-awards_yelpI cannot rave enough about Jimmy, Chris and crew. I use yelp all the time for recommendations but just had to sign up this time so I could write my own review for these guys.

We were moving out of a 3rd floor walk up, with another tight (return) staircase in the unit. We used movers coming in, and were certain watching them carry furniture up all those flights that there was no amount of beer and pizza we could’ve offered friends to do this. But MTB was in another class altogether.

Jimmy and crew cleared out the entire place including a bulky, awkwardly shaped sideboard, (down that tight staircase – I couldn’t watch!) without any damage or even a single scratch. A masterful tetris game in the truck. Then when we arrived at the new place, we discovered that our reserved parking spots were completely filled up with folks that had disregarded our signs. So they maneuvered the 16 ft truck expertly down a narrow alley to the back entrance, then SHOVELED THE SNOW for us and laid down lots of moving pads to minimize tracking into the house. Another bonus – 2 extra guys met us at the new place to help, free of charge. The entire job was done in 3.5 hrs (a jam-packed 16 ft truck, with 4 flights of stairs!) – less than half the time it took Cathedral Movers to move us in.

These guys were very friendly and professional, and FAST – we just had to pay them to their first hr at the bar, for working so hard for us on a Friday night. I recommend them without reservation. Two of our crew are moving to Colorado to work for MTB there – definitely get these guys – you will be so happy you did!

– Anonymous | 12.20.10

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