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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 3.27.10

moving-awards_yelpLast fall, after initially loading two PODS-style storage units solo (okay, I enlisted the significant other to assist with the “furniture only” storage unit, but the rest was a bear), I was ready to hire the pros for the remainder of my overstuffed condo’s contents. My decision was made about three days before I wanted to move my stuff, and, fortuitously, scheduling worked out perfectly with the Truck Bud gentlemen (Chris, who was booked solid, hooked me up with TJ).

These movers rocked and this glowing Yelp review is long overdue. Not only were they super-careful with my stuff–and it’s not like I own several priceless works of art, but just the same–the guys exercised the patience of saints, operating with engineer-like precision, measuring doors/items/storage containers, and packing everything beautifully. Oh! My pull-out couch would NOT fit through my condo’s front door and I couldn’t recall how the initial delivery (six years ago) worked. The guys removed the door and did all kinds of finagling; still, the couch would not cooperate–but they were determined and, while apologizing for the process eating up so much time, they made it work (removing the couch’s legs–who knew?). The Truck Bud guys operated like Zen masters; I dream of having an iota of their patience in my DAILY life, let alone while engaging in the time-honored relationship/friendship-wrecker act of moving! They were fast and precise, upbeat and polite (despite the freezing temps and blowing wind). Reasonably priced, too. Probably the best money I’ve spent in a ridiculously long time… the 75%-off Cole Haan sale that netted me a slew of shoes and belts (but that falls in the realm of “goods,” not “services”). I have since recommended them to a handful of people; a few weeks ago, they did a move for one of my dear friends and she was effusive with her praise. From now on, I will use Truck Bud for every local move and you should too!

– Anonymous | 3.27.10

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