April 11, 2011 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 4.11.11

moving-awards_yelpI am not exaggerating when I say thank G-d for these guys! After being promised for 9 weeks by my contractor that the house would be ready on time – up until a few days before – I showed up on move day to chaos. The only thing I did not stress about that day was the guys from Tuck Buddy. They showed up early and got to work right away. When we got to the new place and found nowhere to unload the stuff in the truck they were patient while I called (yelled at) my contractor and were totally flexible, even offering solutions.

They moved things into my house while work was being done in every room. The stuff that would not fit they secured outside under a tarp. They had to move things off the truck, while construction debris was being hauled out. Never once did they bat an eye. They just said no problem and worked very efficiently to make it work.

I would recommend this company 100% because they:

-were on time (actually 20 min early)

-got to work right away and did not stop once

-worked super fast – and paid by the hour, so the price was very fair

-accommodating and flexible

-treated my items with respect and care

-went above and beyond in a tough situation

– Anonymous | 4.11.11


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