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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 4.25.11

moving-awards_yelpWe moved back in March from a condo to a house. Joe showed up first, and he assessed the job quickly. We have 5 extra-large bookshelves, and Joe called a back-up truck “just in case.” Chris (the owner) showed up and helped out the majority of the day. Two other movers assisted, and they got the job done fast with the 2 trucks. One truck was able to go to our storage unit while 2 guys unloaded the other truck, saving us a lot of time (money). We called a number of moving places, and a few of the moving quotes were less than My Truck Buddy, but I think the money would have been spent in other ways (like replacing furniture). Most of us know someone with a moving nightmare, and I am glad we went with My Truck Buddy to avoid any mishaps. They treated every box and item with care. We had a lot of loose items, but they used a ton of straps to secure everything. In addition, they were very thoughtful and removed small things like bookshelf pins and set them aside. The four guys were so professional and friendly despite the tough job they had. At the end of the day, we were amazed at how “pain-free” the move was (for us!) Our move went extremely well, and we highly recommend the company; they know what they are doing.

– Anonymous | 4.25.11


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