May 5, 2014 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 5.5.14

moving-awards_yelpMy Truck Buddy was fantastic. About a week before my move I noticed that the weather for my move date showed rain. The closer the day came the higher the percentage for rain became! I was moving my things into storage cubes to be shipped across the country so I was worried about everything getting wet and then moldy in storage. About two days before my scheduled move (on a Sunday) I wrote them to see if we could push the date back. They responded super quickly (I was pleasantly surprised that they wrote back Sunday night) and were able to accommodate my request. Thank goodness – the rain day ended up raining ALL day and even hailing and starting to snow!

The move went smoothly – I realized that maybe I had underestimated how much stuff I had and became worried it might not all fit in my door to door cubes. The guys were amazing and really helped me from freaking out about it. They offered to come back the next day to load another cube if I went that route (I didn’t – another cube would have upped my move price considerably) but they did make sure that every single space in the storage cubes went to good use so we could fit in as much as possible.

– Anonymous | 5.5.14


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