May 9, 2013 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 5.9.13

moving-awards_yelpAnother year, another move. Of course I used Truck Buddy because my last 2 moves with them were phenomenal. I can’t figure out why I always overestimate how long it will take these guys to get the task done- to me all my boxes and furniture look insanely heavy and difficult to move, but these guys show up and move them very carefully and quickly like its no big deal.

My appointment time was set for ten- Pete and Ara arrived at 9:40, had the truck packed and were ready to go by 10:04. They got to the new condo quickly, and lugged all my stuff up two long flights of stairs with not a single complaint, and not a single broken or damaged item. They rounded down on the total time it all took, and I payed way less than what I estimated it would be.

I had a lot of questions about what to do about a mattress/box-spring/frame I had to get rid of, and they hauled it away to the dump for me for only an extra $75, which is what the fee charges them to dump it- no extra surcharge or anything!

– Anonymous | 5.9.13

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