July 22, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 7.22.10

moving-awards_yelpHonestly, these guys don’t need another 5 star review…but they deserve it.

Communication was clear and professional, with detailed explanation of what we needed to do to make the day go smoothly, what to expect.

They showed up 5 minutes early of scheduled move time and got right to work. Although billing hourly, they were quick and efficient, pausing only to think about the most space efficient way to load the truck. Their tetris truckloading skills were outstanding, nothing could possibly have moved or broken during shipping.

Unloading the truck was just as smooth. Although the job had been quoted as 5 hours and $590, they finished in 3 hours and $390 (for a two bedroom townhouse). We were thrilled.

The guys were fast, careful, professional, but with a sense of humor. I can’t give them enough stars.

– Anonymous | 7.22.10

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