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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 7.23.11

moving-awards_yelpI knew that I HAD to use a moving company on this move to save the backs of my family, but did not know which company to go with. I had heard a lot of horror stories about companies giving quotes and then tacking on extra fees, not showing up, breaking things, etc…

I decided to go with MTB based on the reviews here on YELP, and I am extremely happy with my choice. Chris and his crew (two others, sorry guys but I can’t remember your names) were awesome!!! They got in, did what needed to be done, were extremely efficient, and charged me exactly what they quoted (no hidden fees).

Chris called two hours before their estimated time of arrival to let me know they might be 30 minutes to an hour late, when in actuality they were only about 15 mins late. It was great to get the early phone call though.

The only complaints I have are that there was no email or anything to confirm they were still coming (like a day or two before), and Chris said he would email me a receipt since I paid in cash and he did not have his receipt book on him since he had to change trucks between moves. I have not seen the receipt yet. I will only complain if they come back on me and try to say I didn’t pay. In my opinion this is not enough to downgrade them since they did such an excellent job with the move and made my day so much less stressful than my other moves have been.

I would definitely recommend MTB to anyone who would like a stress-free move at a decent cost.

– Anonymous | 7.23.11


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