August 19, 2011 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 8.19.11

moving-awards_yelpI moved again and also helped a friend with his move, and again used MTB. Just like the first move, it was fast, careful, professional and skilled. The two crews we had on each day (one included the owner, Chris) were top notch.

MTB writes on its site about taking customer service seriously. And it is a company that puts that value into practice. The MTB guys are also really, really friendly. They won’t waste time chatting it up with you, but they are genuinely friendly guys who take away the anxiety of moving.

It seemed like nothing was too big or too small. I did my best to make their job easier by putting everything in boxes of similar sizes. But the end of packing always means odd bits of stuff that don’t seem to fit in anything but tote bags. They never complained about anything I packed.

I hope to not move again for a very long time. But when I do, I hope these guys will still be around. Thanks, Chris and all the MTB movers.

– Anonymous | 8.19.11


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