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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 8.28.12

moving-awards_yelpThis review is a little delayed – we used the MTB crew at the beginning of the month, and chose them based on the great reviews here. I’m terrible with names, but I believe it was Ben and Leon who took care of us.

First, a brief description of our job – my boyfriend and I had a UHaul storage unit about half a mile down the street from our condo. In it, we had one large 3-seater leather couch, a queen 4-poster bed and mattress, and a number of other smaller boxes and random crap shoved in all of the empty spaces. We had already reserved a truck from UHaul (cheaper because of the short mileage between our storage and home), but mainly needed help getting the couch out of the storage unit due to it being raised off the floor and having a very tight and narrow aisle in front of it. So, it was a pretty small job. We planned on moving all the small stuff ourselves.

Let me count up the number of awesome things about this crew:

I called a number of other companies that have decent reviews on Yelp. All of them had a 2-hour service minimum – which would have been too much for what we needed help with. MTB was the only company I found that only had a 1-hour service minimum (1!). Their online reservation/quote system is very straightforward and user-friendly (2!). I got a quote for them to help unload the two heavy pieces of furniture. They were able to schedule us for the following morning (3!). Ben called me at around 10 on the morning of the job and let me know that they had finished their previous job early, and could start helping us whenever we we were ready. Because we had only rented our truck for noon (the original appointment time), he talked to the folks at UHaul and arranged for them to get us a truck earlier (4!). All of this happened even before their 1-hr clock for our job started (5!). When we arrived at UHaul and met them at the storage unit, we realized that there was no way they were going to get our couch and bed out without first also unloading all the smaller boxes and random junk that were stashed in all the dead space between the big things. No problem for Ben and Leon – they shifted Everything from our storage unit to our truck in less than 20 minutes (6!). And, because they had time to spare, and even though they had no more jobs scheduled for the day so they were technically done with work, they agreed to follow us to our condo and help us unload the big things there(7!). For no extra cost(8!).

These guys were awesome – they went above and beyond what they were hired to do. They will be first on my list to call if I ever have another job, and I will definitely recommend them to anyone else I know who is moving.

– Anonymous | 8.28.12

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