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5-Star Yelp Review | Anonymous | 8.2.10

moving-awards_yelpI’ve moved a lot. In my post college years I moved at least once a year for a total of 11 move in 11 years. I always did it myself. Well after living in one place for almost 5 years, getting married and having a child we had accumulated a lot of stuff. Including heavy furniture. So this time we hired movers. I checked out My Truck Buddy after a recommendation from a friend and they did not disappoint. Made me wonder why I never hired movers before.

Getting a quote from them was super easy. Better than other places that never responded or then called to ask me the same questions I already answered in their on-line forms. I filled out their online form and received an email quote the next day. All I had to do from there was respond to the email with “confirmed” and it was a done deal. I would have liked a call the day before just to re-confirm and for peace of mind, but it all worked out. Their price was great and less than other quotes I got. They gave me an estimate on how long they thought it would take and they ended up finishing on the low side. Granted I was well organized, had all my boxes in one area and disassembled furniture before they arrived. Although they would have taking things apart if I hadn’t. Still it took them 4 hours total to empty out our 2nd floor 2 bedroom condo and move us about 7 miles down the road to our new house.

On moving day these guys worked. No sitting around milking the clock. I was amazed at how quickly they got the job done and with the professional manner in which they did the job. All of our furniture made it to our new home in one piece and without any damage. My husband had some odd and ends he loaded into his car and when he pulled up right when they were about done they didn’t hesitate to unload his car too. Oh and did I mention that it was raining the day of our move? They took great care to cover things a then took them down our long walk to the truck and put down moving pads at our new place to avoid soaking the floors.

While I don’t plan on moving again for a very long time if I do I know who I will call and who I will recommend to friends who are moving!

– Anonymous | 8.2.10


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