September 19, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Ashlynn P. | 9.19.15

moving-awards_yelpCharles and Marshall were my ninja movers. I can totally see them rocking the obstacle course on Ninja Warrior with their natural ninja abilities. I wasn’t quite done packing and had stuff lying around and hadn’t started dismantling my cable TV and computer setup. Also my “boxes” were a random mishmash of suitcases, bags and old Amazon boxes, not the uniform sized packing boxes. I wasn’t quite the model of total chaos. I would say I was 5/10 on the chaos scale. They helped me pack what was left, dismantled and packed the TV/cable and computer stuff, fixed my wobbly desk that I had failed at assembling, and moved me from Silver Spring to Ballston in **2.0 hours** flat. The amount of stuff I had was around 10′ x 7′ when packed in their truck and the traffic gods blessed us as Charles took us against the flow of commuter traffic. He’s a great driver as well. Charles and Marshall are 100% pro.

– Ashlynn P. | 9.19.15

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