July 26, 2014 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Bonnie S. | 7.26.14

moving-awards_yelpI am an experienced ‘mover’. In some ways, it seems odd to give MTB five stars and an over abundance of compliments because, well, they did what every good company is SUPPOSED to do. But I guess that’s the thing… it’s rare that a company hits all the right notes every time.

They were on time, super nice, patient, helpful, and accommodating. My cat went slightly psycho on move day (I was unprepared for this) and they worked around it without a cat lady comment 🙂

All the pre and post communication was great too. I’ve moved a lot and never had a ‘nightmare’ experience with movers (knock on wood). but it is true that if you are packing it, kind of know what you’re doing, and are hoping to not cash out your 401k in order to avoid moving like you’re 20 and can rely on friends, beer and pizza… this is who you want to call.

– Bonnie S. | 7.26.14

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