May 20, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Bryan S. | 5.20.15

moving-awards_yelpMike, Shaun, Kevin, and Brendan (from memory, sorry about any spelling mistakes) were professional, polite, friendly, and very efficient. We had an unforeseen delay due to a double-booking of our loading dock, and we somehow managed to finish a half hour under our estimated time.

They humored me when I tried to help out, even though I’m guessing I probably just slowed them down.

Not only were they very fast, but everything was handled well, and even our our oldest, cheapest bookshelves survived.

This was the smoothest move, and glad we went with this company. We’ll definitely turn to them again in the future.

– Bryan S. | 5.20.15


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