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5-Star Yelp Review | Christopher F. | 5.12.15

moving-awards_yelpMoving is the worst.  This is an accepted reality of life.  When someone asks you what you are doing this weekend, and you tell them “moving”, you can often hear them groan or see them wince before you even get to that second syllable. You know what isn’t the worst?  When a business not only delivers on it’s promises but actually exceeds expectations.  I would argue that’s the opposite of the worst, actually.

We did a DIY move from Upstate NY to save some cash, which of course adds additional arse pain to your moving adventure.  We needed manpower to unload a 15′ U-Haul that was almost full.  I heard back within hours of my initial inquiry with a well priced estimate for 1.5 hours of labor.  After reading all the good pub on Yelp, we decided to go with My Truck Buddy.  Great decision.

On moving day, Andre, Walter, and Reggie show up here and knock it out in roughly 45 minutes!  They were courteous, efficient, and careful with all our belongings.  One of our tables had a preexisting crack in it, which Andre quickly pointed out to us.  We told him no sweat but appreciated the professionalism of that. Full disclosure, I was running a little behind of my scheduled start time (thanks PA DOT).  I called and apologized profusely about that from the road , and they were more than understanding and accommodating.

I don’t know how I feel about DC yet, but in a world where customer service and professionalism is so hard to come by, I do know that My Truck Buddy is an excellent choice for your moving needs.

– Christopher F. | 5.12.15

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