January 15, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Dawn N. | 1.15.2010

moving-awards_yelpI could not be more pleased with our moving experience with Chris. I picked him due to the excellent reviews on this site, and I was not disappointed!

Chris was responsive and very nice in our pre-move correspondence. I wasn’t present during the actual move, but my husband said Chris and his helper were professional, good-humored, and did not waste a second of the time they were at our place. All our stuff arrived at our new place unscathed. The cost for our move was very close to what Chris had estimated (whatever inaccuracy there was was my fault — I didn’t realize how much stuff we have, and so I didn’t give Chris a completely accurate picture of what we’d need to move). Even with tips for both of the guys it cost us less than $500 to move a one bedroom plus den. Fabulous!

No surprises in the pricing, an efficient move, and the safe delivery of your stuff may seem like basic stuff, but it was a delight to find a mover who delivers this. I moved every 3-5 years growing up in the Navy, and until Chris I associated hiring movers with delays in getting your stuff to your new place and the inevitability of having stuff damaged/lost/stolen during the move. Thanks for making our move as easy and stress-free as it could be, Chris!

– Dawn N. | 1.15.2010


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