August 19, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Elizabeth K. | 8.19.15

moving-awards_yelpWe are a military family and have experienced multiple moves with guys who just don’t get it (we’ve got some nightmare stories for sure!) This time, we did an in-town move and needed to hire private movers.

My Truck Buddy blew all those other movers away! They were professional, courteous, and didn’t waste any time. The guys wrapped furniture, took huge loads to save time, and got the entire move done in 4 hrs…a full hour and a half less than what they quoted me originally. We were pretty organized which helped, but the guys easily could have only taken one box in at a time instead of the two or three they were carrying up the stairs.

Payment was done on an iPad with my Amex and my receipt showed up within 30 seconds. Because they worked so fast and didn’t break anything, I know that I saved money (and lots of frustration) compared to my less highly rated options.

Take it from me…I know movers. These guys are by far the best you can hire!!

– Elizabeth K. | 8.19.15

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