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5-Star Yelp Review | Emily S. | 8.29.15

moving-awards_yelpOur movers were awesome. I started looking into the company because of the high ratings on Yelp. The booking process was incredibly easy. I gave a very detailed description of all our items, and someone got back to me within a couple of hours with an estimate. After checking with about ten companies, My Truck Buddy turned out to have the lowest estimate. Confirming our booking was as easy as replying “Confirmed” to the email. They sent me a Gmail Calendar invitation with the date and time.

The day before the move, the company checked in with me by email to make sure there were no changes or updates. On the day of the move, the guys called me ten minutes before their arrival to let me know they were on their way. They arrived right on time and got out and started working right away. The guys were professional and introduced themselves, and they were friendly throughout the move.

Our move was for a very short distance, on the same street and within the same community we currently live in, in Northern Virginia. We actually had a huge problem with our leasing office the day of the move– the apartment we were supposed to move into was not ready for us, and we didn’t find out until 45 minutes through the truck being packed. The guys didn’t sweat it– we gave them the new address and pointed out where the new apartment was, and they unpacked us there instead.

They placed the boxes in the rooms we specified on our labels on the boxes, and when space was filling up in the specified rooms, the guys asked us where they’d like the overflow boxes to be placed. They handled the disassembling and reassembling of the bed frame, and they came prepared with a cover for the mattress and plastic wrap for the furniture to prevent dents. No items were damaged.

The guys finished the move well ahead of schedule, in part because we’d moved a number of items ourselves in our cars. The move of our one-bedroom apartment was completed in about 2.5 hours. We were very impressed and will definitely recommend My Truck Buddy to our friends.

– Emily S. | 8.29.15


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