February 16, 2010 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Janet Y. | 2.16.2010

moving-awards_yelpFor several months I’ve been shopping online for a furniture item that would fill my storage need s for some items in my condo such as CDs and DVDs, office supplies, etc. This isn’t an advertisement for Ikea, but they had just the furniture to fill the bill. The solution to how to get the items home and also put together was solved when Chris sent an email saying he was going to do an Ikea run. I quickly signed up, gave him my shopping list and a few days later, Chris delivered the two heavy items to my condo. Then a couple of days later, he and his coworker came and put the items together. That was no small task as the items were heavy and had a lot of parts. All this was for a very reasonable price. What I like most is that the whole process was as hassle-free as could be. Also having used Chris’ services before, I had no anxieties because he is 100 percent dependable.

– Janet Y. | 2.16.2010


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