January 6, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Jimmy H. | 1.6.15

moving-awards_yelpI moved on Sunday, January 4th and it was my first time using movers. I decided on movers for a couple of reasons:

1. January move — didn’t know if the weather would cooperate. If it didn’t, I just didn’t want to put my friends or myself in that type of situation without solid help.

2. Speed — I wanted to get this move done FAST, especially with the shorter days in the winter.

My experience: These guys are great. Plain and simple. They moved my studio apartment in 1:15 hours, which ended up saving me money and my move came in under budget. However, I partially attribute that to how I prepared: I read the moving manual they have on their website and packed up EVERYTHING in boxes. This just made things easier, which saved lots of time.

I’ll definitely use them again.

– Jimmy H. | 1.6.15

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