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5-Star Yelp Review | Kyle S. | 8.28.15

moving-awards_yelpMy Truck Buddy was great. They responded to my request for an estimate within minutes with a detailed customized quote, provided my preferred scheduling time, and gave me details about the truck they would be using so I could negotiate the parking situation.

On the day of my move, Sean and his crew were fantastic. Good attitude but down to business and eager to work. We had way more stuff than I had estimated (notwithstanding the size of the apartment, which is how the estimate is formulated), but Sean and his team rolled with it and made everything work. Nary a complaint or negative attitude from the team even though the move was taking longer than they had thought it would. (Just to be clear, they were very obviously working as hard and efficiently as they could have.)

One thing I would note in particular is that Sean, as team leader, was responsible for making sure the truck was packed as tightly as possible. This was key, because as noted above we had way more stuff than expected and a poorly packed truck would have meant a second trip and lots more money out of my pocket.

The last thing I would note is that My Truck Buddy’s pricing is as fair as can be. There is an hourly rate and you pay for however long it takes. No arbitrary charges for things like stairs or difficult furniture — you’re paying purely for their time and hard work.

Long story short, I give these guys my highest recommendation.

– Kyle S. | 8.28.15

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