July 21, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Lucy D. | 7.21.15

moving-awards_yelpMorris, Reggie and Eddie came to help me today and they are just amazing. Morris is the most handsome mover I’ve ever seen. But the rest are also extremely handsome. All of them are so nice, friendly and funny.  The best thing is, they won’t start timing until they start working. I had the appointment at ten but I can’t make it as I went to pick up keys of my new apartment. The buddies called me at nine forty, telling me that they have arrived. Then I came at ten twelve. But they weren’t able to start the job until ten thirty because another truck took our loading dock. When they start,they were fast, efficient, organized and amazing.  They wrapped all my furniture, took care of my lamps, and put plastic bags over my mattresses. They were great help. I can’t imagine moving without them. Thanks, my truck buddies!

– Lucy D. | 7.21.15


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