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5-Star Yelp Review | Nicole S. | 1.4.2010

moving-awards_yelpThis is my first Yelp Review. There should be at least ten stars for My Truck Bud because this service goes above and beyond expectations. I wish that all businesses could be this helpful, friendly, easy and fun to work with. And yes, I am talking about a moving company.

This was also my first move so I was wary about hiring a mover without a lot of knowledge. After doing some research, I learned a lot of do’s and don’ts. Don’t hire a mover that’s not “officially” registered, don’t hire a mover that uses a truck registered to someone other than themselves. Etc. I’m glad I ignored them.

I spoke with Chris about my concerns before moving, and he completely reassured me. He’s a new business and he honestly seems more interested in doing good work and I think enjoying what he does than joining expensive associations. He’s aware of scammers and when I let him know that I have no car and that I was worried about my stuff disappearing, he agreed to let me ride in the truck up front with the movers! This was something no other company was willing to do, and it sealed the deal.

On Sunday TJ and Brett showed up with the big ole Penske. They actually phoned me *before* they were scheduled to be there to let me know they had hit traffic, and ended up being right on time. How professional! They also completed the entire move in under time; and throughout actually seemed happy to be there. They were cooperative, cheerful, never grumbled once about my heavy strange junk or boxes coming un-taped. They were even fun to chat with on the ride to my new place. When unloading they made sure to talk to me about where I wanted things. They made me feel completely at ease and the whole process was painless, despite all of the scare stories I’d heard about bad moves in general. They were like working with big brothers… except professional!

I have incredible guilties for not putting this post up sooner: my move was in November! Truth is I’ve been slightly unhappy with my new apartment, and uncertain about my relocation, so the move itself slipped my mind. But I would definitely use Truck Bud again, (maybe soon!) and recommend them to anyone. They are not only the most cost-effective but I am betting the best local movers available. Thanks guys!

(I’ll be happy to answer any questions anyone has about these movers.)

– Nicole S. | 1.4.09

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