August 27, 2015 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Paul M. | 8.27.15

moving-awards_yelpI used My Truck Buddy for the first time for my move from West End to SE DC near Stadium Armory, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  My movers, Chuck, Marshall, and Brandon, were amazing.  They were very efficient and organized, and extremely careful.  They were not only very careful to not damage any of my belongings, but also about clearing doors and not rubbing against walls.  And don’t let their youthful appearance fool you, Chuck, Marshall and Brandon were extremely professional, packed my items onto the truck in a very neat and orderly fashion (the inside of the truck looked like a Tetris puzzle!),  and placed my items exactly where I wanted them at the new location, including moving some into a storage space.  They were also extremely courteous and accommodating.  In the end, the entire move took less time than I expected and came in under the estimated price.  I would definitely recommend this company (and this crew!) to anyone planning a move.

– Paul M. | 8.27.15

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