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5-Star Yelp Review | RM | 4.20.11

moving-awards_yelpMy review is late, but MTB rocks and is BOSS!!! However, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I moved back in February. Shortly after the snow. Think DC Alleys. Do you know about DC Alleys? Well, first, sometimes the snow melts and sometimes it doesn’t. However, MTB’s team came through for me.

Unmelted snow in the alley. Basement apartment. Nervous mover on a budget. Forget the pre-moving jitters. I was moving from a basement apartment to a third floor walk up located on a busy street. All I can say is that they came in under the time they quoted – so less money for me (more tip for my movers) and they managed to really do an amazing job.

Will I use MTB again? Of course I will!

Will I recommend them to others? Of course I will.

I also have to add, the person who was in charge that day was the manager of the Boston location who had come to help out. He and the two men who were there were just super awesome. I really appreciate everything. You made something that seemed overwhelming manageable.

– RM | 4.20.11


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