December 14, 2014 KME Digital

5-Star Yelp Review | Suzy D. | 12.14.14

moving-awards_yelpMy Buddy…My Truck Buddy and me*..!

I don’t plan on moving again anytime soon but if I had to for whatever reason, maybe getting a job in Italy or buying a mansion after winning the lotto, I wouldn’t use anyone but My Truck Buddy.

I’ve used these guys for two moves and have had nothing but positive interactions. The assigned team is always quick and professional. Their estimates with time and pricing are spot on. These gents definitely earn their tips! Nothing can throw them off including narrow or spiral staircases, parking in the District or giant Tupperware containers that are unsuspectingly heavy for their size.

As a note, if you’re moving into or out of DC, it is your responsibility (not the driver or moving company’s) to apply in advance for the no parking signs for the specific date and time the truck will be present. It’s easy and free via the DC government website you just have to do it in advance and pick up the signs at designated local police stations.

* “me” includes two full houses of furniture and years of other accumulated shit

– Suzy D. | 12.14.14


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