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5-Star Yelp Review | Zahira P. | 5.18.15

moving-awards_yelpReggie, Luis, and Nick were like Supermen in fast forward motion. Seriously impressive. I saw Luis carry a heavy, solid wood cabinet… just picked it up off of the ground perpendicular to his chest… For reference, my husband and I TOGETHER struggle with that thing moving it gingerly to avoid hitting toes.

And I saw Reggie lift a box of weights with one finger like it’s paper. Wow. For reference, my morning workouts use a PART of that box.

Enough of that and on to the useful information — they were:

-Very professional

-On time

-Responsive via phone and e-mail

-Answered all of our questions

-Called a day ahead of time

-Came in at the bottom end of their estimate in time and cost

-Incredibly efficient

-Very focused — they barely spoke as they worked, they were just fast and moving and arranging things strategically.

-Everything was in good shape – nothing broken

-Emptied a brimming 1-br apartment (~700 sq ft, so big for DC) in less than 1 hour. WOW.

I can’t recommend them enough. I will definitely be calling them for my next move; hopefully they’ll work in my new, non-DC geography.

I feel lucky to have worked with Luis, Nick, and Reggie (Reggie is raved about in a lot of these reviews, btw). These guys are really conscientious and careful — at one point, a Dad and kid were hanging out where they were moving boxes/furniture from the truck to the sidewalk. The guys didn’t say anything, but I noticed that they always saw where the kid was before pushing/moving anything. I appreciated that.

Also – can I just say – no matter where you are or what kind of move you’re doing, definitely check out their website. There’s a 20+ page PDF that explains the moving process (hey, they do it ALL the time and are experts…why not take their lessons learned?) and how best to prepare. I wouldn’t have done the following without their great advice:

-packed soft, non-breakable things (e.g., sofa cushions and sleeping bags) in big, strong garbage bags (this can be fit into the little spaces between boxes)

-disassembled and packed absolutely everything

-put the boxes into neat little cubes of smaller, similarly sized boxes

-prepared with cold water, soda/drinks, snacks, and a first aid kit

-made it a point to get similarly sized boxes

– Zahira P. | 5.18.15

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