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5-Star Yelp Reviews | S C. | 6.16.09

moving-awards_yelpYelpers, thanks for your reviews – I wouldn’t have known who to hire otherwise! Now I am more than happy to add another 5 Star review for My Truck Buddy and http://mytruckbud.com!

Pre-move: Owner, Chris, was quick to respond and accommodating to my many questions. AND friendly! I hadn’t even started to pack but still felt more at ease. Moving day: I was given an actual arrival time, not a window period. This gets better – Chris was early. But not in the obnoxious, “I’m here now, so we will start now” type of way, but rather in the “I’m early, so I am going to set up and am ready when you are!” kind of way.

During the move: Chris and co-mover, Matt, were extremely careful and respectful with my things and the spaces I was moving in and out of. I realize that should go without saying… but unfortunately, in the past, I have had heirloom furniture scratched, light fixtures broken, and witnessed blatant dismissal of damage caused by a serious spatial miscalculation. Not to mention, I was moving out of the top floor of a brutal building with narrow doorways and narrower steps. Normally, it is a great conversation piece for whiners but these guys didn’t b**ch or change their price on the spot (yep, I’ve had that one happen). They even managed to work around my neighbors’ yard-sale/party that was happening in the breezeway that afternoon!

Upon arrival at the new place: I was sort of micro-managing (sans clipboard)… I pointed to where I wanted things to go, and within moments it was there! Additionally, I had a new piece of furniture that required “some assembly”… and wouldn’t ya know, Chris can also put things together! This additional help not only spared time and frustration, but it also saved my feet from injuries that occur when one repeatedly kicks particle board, glass, and instructions written in the universal language of stick-figures.

“Excellent Customer Service” is a concept that I had almost completely forgotten about, but My Truck Buddy just reset the bar. You cannot beat the price, and can go in knowing that there are no hidden or unexpected fees.

– S C. | 6.29.09

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