July 10, 2017 Chris Jolma

We’re hiring for the best moving team in DC!

Are you looking for work? Some extra work? Extra cash? Part-time, full-time, or just temporary? Whatever the case, we need you, too.

The summer is our busy season. We have far more work than we have capacity for. It’s a good problem to have, but…it’s still a problem.

So, if you want to get started fast, read this and then go fill out the online application here.

NOTE: This is for serious applicants and serious people only. If you’re just filling out an application because you’re bored (seriously?), then please move along. If we schedule an interview, we expect you to show up. I hate to mar an otherwise friendly blog post with a warning, but honestly, after ten years of doing this, we’ve seen it all. For example, if you’re applying for a driving job, make sure you have a driver’s license. Etc. It should be common sense, but…

Anyway, here’s the job description:


My Truck Buddy (MyTruckBuddyMoving.com) is looking for honest, hard-working, ethical men of integrity for it’s summer busy season. MTB began about ten years ago as a side job for the owner/founder to bring in a little extra money for his new and growing family. It has since grown into a million-dollar business serving the DC area.

In its relatively short history, MTB has earned more than 1,000 5-star reviews on Yelp.com, and more than 100 A’s on Angie’s List, where it also earned the highly coveted Angie’s List Super Service award six consecutive times. (This award is given to fewer than 5% of companies in an industry/area.)

In short, it’s the real deal – honest work, a good reputation, competitive pay.

Positions we need to fill:

Crew Member: Crew members are the bulk of the workforce. Their job is straightforward: they carefully move customers’ items to and from our trucks.

Crew Leaders: Crew leaders do everything crew members do, but they usually also drive the trucks, manage customer expectations and direct the workflow on job sites. They’re responsible for taking payments, resolving conflicts, etc. They’re basically on-site managers. Note: if you’d like to apply for this position but worry about lack of experience, don’t. You will be trained and shadow experienced crew leaders before you’re ever in that position.

Drivers: They drive the trucks but their duties are more along the lines of crew members. Sometimes we have fantastic crew leaders, but for whatever reason, their driving records prevent them from working behind the wheel. Nonetheless, trucks still need to get to the jobs, ergo: driver positions.


Safely prepare and transport residential household items. This involves pad-wrapping furniture, protecting floors, walls and other surfaces as items are transported through/across/by them. Crew leaders are responsible for the above as well as directing crews, securing items in trucks, addressing customer needs and concerns, taking payments, and other duties that arise on the job site.


Variable. Every move is different, however, on most jobs our estimates are more than 90% accurate. This means that if we estimate a job to go between 2-4 hours, 90%+ of the time, it’s under 4 hours. Some jobs are estimated to go as long as eight hours, and they do.

The bottom line: most days we start at 8:00 and the crews are back by 6:00 or earlier. We schedule our work days to maximize profitability WITHOUT overwhelming people.

We work Monday through Saturday (no Sundays in the summertime, and between October to April we only schedule Sunday jobs on a volunteer basis, i.e. you have to specifically request Sunday work.)

We are very flexible with schedules and try to avoid scheduling six straight days for anyone (I mean, come ON! It’s moving!) However, “showtime” for us is Friday and Saturday – most people request those days for moving.


Starting pay for crew: $12-$14, depending on experience and other factors. Demonstrable skill, reliability and leadership will quickly earn crew members $14-$16 or so.

Starting pay for crew leaders: $14-$16, depending on experience and other factors. Again, demonstrating the above skills and traits will earn crew leaders significantly more. Some of our best guys earn as much as $28/hr. (It should be noted that this is for people who are longer-term veterans of the business. That said, rock stars are appreciated and we show it.

Tips: Large tips are common. A usual tip is about $20 per guy, although it can range upward significantly. $40, $60, and $80 per guy is not uncommon. The record per-guy tip is something like $250.

Bonuses: We pay a $10 per crew member/leader bonus for every 5-star Yelp review they earn. As certain milestones are hit, (10 5-stars, 20 5-stars, 30 5-stars, etc), “achievement bonuses” are “unlocked.”

How to apply:

Fill out the form at www.mytruckbuddymoving.com/employment. You should hear back from us quickly.

What to expect:

This is a moving job, so don’t expect to fall asleep on the job. It can be hot and exhausting, but also very fulfilling. Every job site is different, and you get to meet new people all the time. Most of our customers know of our reputation and expect the best. We almost always deliver it.

Questions? Call or write Chris Jolma, owner/founder at chris@mytruckbuddy.com or 571.218.7455.

Let’s do some mighty deeds!

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