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How long does it take to move a one-bedroom apartment? (And other fun stats!)

People understandably want to know how long it takes to move their place. Moving can be expensive, after all, and after buying a home or a vehicle, this is probably one of those things on which you want to do your research.

Since we tend to move 1-bedroom apartments more than any other kind of job, I thought this would be a good place to start. And the answer is simple: based on thousands of instances in the DC area, it takes us, on average, 2.7 hours to move a one-bedroom apartment.

Obviously there are outliers. On the low end, we’ve moved people to/from a one-bedroom place in about an hour. These kids of jobs are usually very close to each other, we may have sent an exceptionally experienced and skill crew, or people have moved the bulk of the stuff themselves.

On the outside, if it takes significantly longer than that, it’s because preparation was, well, lacking. Or maybe the loading dock door was broken, the elevator was broken, etc.

The point is that over the thousands of jobs I have enough data on, the average is 2.7 hours. That amounts to just a couple hundred bucks.

People also want to know if a moving company’s estimate is worth the email it’s written in. Understandable.

What I can tell you is that depending on the type of job (1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom townhome…), our estimates are about 91percent accurate.

It’s a notoriously difficult job to accurately estimate how long it’ll take to move a place when 99% of the time you’re basing it on a submitted web form. Nonetheless, 9 times out of 10, we hit our mark, which is within a two-hour range.

So, if we say that your particular job will take between 2-4 hours, that means that the vast majority of the time we’ll be somewhere in between those two numbers (and often below).

We’re pretty proud of that.

Here are some other average job times (you’re welcome, competitors. ;-)).

Single room: 2.2 hours
Studio apartment: 2.2 hours
1BD apartment: 2.7 hours
2BD apartment: 3.4 hours
2BD town home: 3.4 hours
3BD single family home: 3.7 hours
4BD single family home: 4.1 hours

Every job is different, so just remember these are averages based on thousands of moves. If you’re wondering how long your move will take and how much it’ll cost, just go to our Estimates page and get started today!



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